Watch this airplane land vertically on a cargo ship

I'm glad the world is full of insane people so we can see another seemingly-impossible airplane landing and takeoff: Watch this man stop in midair and touching down on top of a moving ship in the English Channel. At one point it seems like the he's just floating there.


In reality, it just seems that is stopping because we see its movement relative to the ship, which is moving too. But it's quite a feat in any case. Amazing skill and courage.

The takeoff is even crazier, in such a short space and with the ship's crew holding the Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat until it's revved up enough to let go. It could have ended in disaster, but it worked.


Carlos Silva

So rather than giving the man credit for his awesome landing the internet complains that the ship was moving... Go try this yourself and tell me how easy it is, ill wait...