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Watch This Cheeky Robot Trick a CAPTCHA Into Thinking It's Not a Robot

When the machines rise up, I’m jumping ship and selling out humanity so fast—we suck, we deserve it. So color me excited to see this cute ol’ robot arm hilariously beat an ‘I’m not a robot’ CAPTCHA (and then let go of the stylus in a perfect mic drop right after). It’s one small step for robots, and one giant leap for the impending revolution.


And plus, I just knew those newfangled CAPTCHAs that just asked you to check a box did absolutely nothing. The video’s goofy ending is especially good, too.

[Matt Unsworth/Youtube]

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I’m not the first person to say it, but I’m starting to be convinced “Casey Chan” is a long-running Turing Test experiment to determine if readers can figure out that “he” is really a bot.