Watch This: Grandma Blows Bullets Clear Through MacBook and iPhones

This completely ridiculous video of an elderly lady shooting a loaded rifle at a hoard of pristine Apple gadgets will make you feel many emotions: confused, horrified, skeptical, surprised, amused, etc.


Certainly not the most high-concept spot, as an ad for Clearplex screen protectors its success is in the absurd and the arbitrary. Let's take a grandma! And, let's....put her outside. In the desert. With a RIFLE. And let's have her shoot up a bunch of beautiful Apple products. Yeah, yeah... That's the stuff. (The mock-Apple ad voice-over styling might be a bit much. Whuddya think?)

I'd like to know if these screen protectors work as well as the ad suggests. I'd like to know via shooting a gun at some gadgets myself. Seems fun. Reckless. [Reddit]


So... destruction for destruction's sake. Nice.

All this does is make our society look more idiotic. How is this any different than just burning a big pile of money? Stupid.