Watch This Historic Theater Transform Into The World's Largest IMAX

Seeing an IMAX movie is impressive, sure, but what's even more impressive is watching an IMAX theater get built. The world's largest no less. It's a feat.

This timelapse from imaxmovies shows the entire process of turning Hollywood's historic TCL Chinese Theatre—home to premiers like The King of Kings and Star Wars—into the worlds largest IMAX to date. The theater will seat 932 people, more than any other IMAX in the world, and its screen is a whopping 90 feet by 46 feet. It's worth noting the theater is the largest; the screen's just the third largest in North America. But it's still damned impressive.


It'll reopen on September 20th with a special IMAX screening of The Wizard of Oz, but in the meantime this timelapse is mesmerizing enough. I wonder what it'd look like in IMAX. [imaxmovies, SlashFilm]

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