How Warner Bros Transformed The Wizard of Oz into an IMAX Classic

1939's The Wizard of Oz is the standard bearer of cinema's Golden Age. The live action fantasy classic has become an integral part of the pop culture lexicon, endlessly parodied, referenced, and retold in everything from children's books to ultra-porn. And now it is coming back—to an even bigger silver screen.

In this featurette, Warner Bros.' Chief Preservation Officer, Ned Price, and IMAX senior VP of film production, Lorne Orleans go behind-the-curtain to look at the technological wizardry required to remaster and re-scale this 35mm footage into IMAX quality imagery ahead of the film's 75th anniversary re-release on September 20th. And with its 3D projection optimization, you'll feel as though you landed on a Wicked Witch yourself.


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