Watching a human navigate like a bat is impressive

Daniel Kish, who lost his eyesight to cancer, is now an expert in echolocation - the technique that a bat uses to navigate at night. This is why he is sometimes known as the real life Batman - although Daredevil would be more accurate. Using these skills Daniel is able to enjoy independence and freedom from many of the constraints that might inhibit him otherwise.

Daniel locates objects in his environment by clicking his tongue and interpreting the echoes that this returns. In fact his sense of visualisation is so strong that he can detect the exact location, size and even density of his surroundings.

Daniel's story has been around for a while but there have been some positive developments - he is now teaching echolocation to other blind people and the results are truly amazing.


Thanks for the tip Zurita!

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I don't understand... why wouldn't they just wear a device that automatically clicks for them. This seems like a lot less hassle than walking around clicking your tongue every second.