Watching flowers blooming is never not beautiful

Unless you're living it up in California right now—full disclosure: I am—this winter has been particularly relentless. Is there hope beyond the cold and snow and slush? Yes indeedy. But it might take a minute, so in the meantime here are some beautiful GIFs of flowers blooming.


Yeah yeah, watching petals unfold is a little on the nose—look at nature's bounty in all its bright, life-affirming glory!—but seeing it all happen in one time-lapsed swoop is pretty cool, not to mention something you don't really have the chance to witness even smack-dab in the middle of spring.

Check out Tumblr user Stardusted for the rest of the set, which just may warm your frigid heart this afternoon. Is it crazy that I kind of wish there were GIFs of each of these withering, too? Throw on a little All Things Must Pass and call it a day.

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