Watching People Give Compliments to Each Other Will Make Your Heart Melt

It's probably the soundtrack this video has going on in the background but this phonebooth/giant headphone setup where people give compliments to one another is so aww inducingly sweet that you won't be able to not be happy. And you have a lot to be happy for! It's Friday! People are great! Well, some of them, at least.

The cynical point of view: THEY'RE ALL SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER. Okay, that's horrible. Downright awful. Just enjoy the video by SoulPancake and give someone a compliment today. I hope someone was able to take home those giant headphones though. Those are sweet. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]

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Hmm... seems a little staged, plus they already know each other already. Would have been cuter if real and with strangers.