Watching Stuff Get Smooshed by a Hydraulic Press Is So Satisfying

Barbie, you may have set impossible standards for young women across America, but this is not the fate you deserved.


What do we know about Hydraulic Press Channel? We know this mysterious YouTuber lives somewhere in (or was born in) Eastern Europe. We know he loves metal. We know he has ready access to a hydraulic press. And we know, although he promised weekly videos, that he hasn’t posted anything in four months.

Even so, his most recent upload was rediscovered by Reddit late last night. In it, he attempts to disprove the idea that a single sheet of paper can’t be folded more than seven times. Granted, the paper-folding conundrum was revealed to be false years back by Mythbusters with a massive sheet of super thin stock, but folding a much smaller piece of paper in a hydraulic press caused the paper to explode and then disintegrate in spectacular fashion on the seventh fold.

The rest of the channel, defunct as it might be, contains a few other gems, like smooshing a phone, smooshing a watch, smooshing a golf ball, smooshing a camera, and of course the smooshing of the aforementioned Barbie doll. Maybe the sudden influx of videos will have him scrambling back to his old channel with some new and satisfying uploads.

UPDATE: He came back! The brand new, minutes old video pits the press against a blender, which loses quite handedly. Nice job, internet.


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First, we put a red hot nickel ball on stuff. Then, we poured molten copper on stuff. Now, we’re crushing stuff in a hydraulic press. The internet is fun.