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Watching this piano burn and slowly disintegrate is beautifully sad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Having Beethoven as the soundtrack obviously adds to the feels but there's something strangely beautiful and yearningly sad about seeing this wood piano burn to ashes by two heat guns. Like it's a memento of a simpler life disappearing via the hands of cold robots.

The short film, Deconstructed Piano, was made by Laurin Döpfner.

"Deconstructed Piano" considers the gradual destruction of instrumental music through digital sound generators. The Moonlight Sonata is corrupted in an assault by two robots. The Sonata represents the agony and grief suffered by the piano. For this performance two heat guns at a temperature of 650°C work the piano's wood on and on to the point of collapse. There are four cameras installed to capture the process in a time lapse with one frame every 6 seconds. The ongoing performance and the shooting took about 8 hours.


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