Watching This Polar Bear Smash a $2,000 Camera Lens Is Surprisingly Cute

This polar bear is probably a really big Nikon fan that just loves to destroy expensive things because he was caught chomping, throwing and smashing a $2,100 Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS telephoto lens. It's pretty hilarious to see a giant polar bear play around with a camera lens, it looks like he tries to smoke it, drink it, eat it and even flick it.

How did the lens end up in the polar bear's paws? According to PetaPixel, German photographers Marion and Dieter were visiting the Nuremberg Zoo when they saw the strange sight:

Apparently another lady was trying to change lenses while standing at the edge of the enclosure, and accidentally let the 70-200mm slip out of her grasp and into Felix's territory.


I'm sure the photographer who lost the lens didn't find it funny but I'm just looking at the pictures and think it's absolutely hilarious. [Marion and Dieter, Foto Community via PetaPixel]

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