Waterless Swimming Device Turns Out to be a Stupid Idea

This waterless swimming device, as seen on the show American Inventor, is one of the most hilariously terrible things we've seen in a while. It takes all the grace, fun and fluidity of swimming and makes an awkward, painful-looking exercise out of it. Just look at the guy's face after he's done using it!


Here's a tip: if you look like you just had a stroke after using your invention, it sucks.

Thanks, Blakeley!

American Inventor [ABC]

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Actually, I could see this working as a VERY effective muscle training device. Much of muscle development in sports is related to resitance forces and the muscular compensation needed to stabilize movement, i.e. balance. True, this thing is awkwardly, clunkily designed, but if he were to make the thing "look" better, I could imaging that the amount of balance needed to master the motion would be really strenuous on muscles — Especially those hard-to-reach obliques!