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Waterproof ATC Mini Captures Extreme Sports at a Not So Extreme 720P

Illustration for article titled Waterproof ATC Mini Captures Extreme Sports at a Not So Extreme 720P

Unlike the GoPro Hero2 which needs a housing to protect it from the elements, Oregon Scientific's ATC Mini is waterproof right out of the box. Ready to capture your extreme underwater exploits to a depth of 66 feet, though at a disappointing 720P.


Besides keeping the internals dry, a silicone outer sleeve also protects the camera from falls, crashes or whatever extreme trouble you can get into, while its 110 degree field of view lens will capture a wide swath of the action in front of you. Whether you're above the water line or below it.


In addition to a 32GB microSD card and a swappable rechargeable battery that can both be replaced as needed in the middle of the action, the ATC Mini also comes with a mount for attaching to helmets, handlebars, surfboards and even tripods. It's supposed to be available in the UK sometime soon, and hopefully the rest of the world shortly after that, but with a price tag of around $320 it's hard to recommend over the 1080P capable $300 GoPro Hero2. Maybe Oregon Scientific just needs to shoot a heart pounding demo video to win us over. [Pocket-lint]

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