Wattgate 381 "Audio Grade" Socket Is For Suckers Only

Illustration for article titled Wattgate 381 "Audio Grade" Socket Is For Suckers Only

The Wattgate "Audio Grade" wall socket costs a mere $147, but the crisp, unmatchable sounds it will create in your home are positively priceless.


It's all bullshit, of course. Like Monster Cable and that $500 Denon Ethernet cable, there's more snake oil flowing through this "premium" socket than anything else.

And as with that Denon Ethernet cable, the comments from "satisfied users" are what really make this product worth "investigating." Buyer beware. [Parts Express via Boing Boing]



It is not BS!

Any Analog signal is affected by what medium it goes through.

Even though you might not be the person spending more on your Audio System than your own car, this still makes a difference.

Electricity makes static noise on it's own etc...

I'm not going to detail anymore because it's useless.


That's who this product is for. #audio