WD-40 Straw Holder

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Before you start thinking of me as the dude that only writes about things that are pretty, and only marginally useful (like chairs and juicers), I want you to consider this fugly little thing. See now, function sometimes counts for something in my world, even if in the end, form suffers a little.

The "Hold-It" straw holder, from Texan company Hold-It Inc., has got to be the most practical invention since... well, since the shoe at least. If you've ever used a can of WD-40, you'll understand why. The little red straw that comes with the lubricant is infamous in its ability to vanish after one or two uses. No one really knows where they go. I, for one, think hungry little children eat them as candy when you're not looking. Whatever the case, the "Hold-It" easily attaches to the can of delightfully smelling lube and clamps onto the straw, thus preventing its disappearance.


They're pretty much giving the things away, too, at $5 for 12. -DP

The Order Page [Hold-It Straw Holder via Cool Tools]

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