We dare you to make sense of this 1978 Italian variety show starring the David Bowie army

And now, a little song and dance number that falls somewhere between "Space Fever" and the Star Wars theme with French lyrics. This here is Cole Porter's "Night and Day" as sung by stalwart Italian TV songstress Raffaella Carrà. Watch as she travels to another planet, where she is flanked by a flamboyant militia of Aladdin Sane lookalikes (this goes down out around 4:00). This is better than drugs and/or food. It's not better than sex because it's screwing with our heads.


[Via Dangerous Minds]


Chip Overclock®

As crazy ass shit as that was, I can't imagine a variety show in this day and age pulling out the stops like that one obviously did to field that kind of production number. So... I kinda liked it.