What Happens When You Finger the LG G5’s Magic Slot

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LG’s new G5 is a shiny metal phone from the future. One of the reasons we love it is the removable expansion slot that lets you trick out the phone with add-ons. But is the thing actually easy to remove?

For Testmodo, we decided to get a bunch of our co-workers together to see just how straightforward taking out the “magic slot” actually is. You’re supposed to be able to just tap a tiny button on the side of the phone, and out it pops. After it’s removed, you can replace the battery, put in a camera grip with an extra battery inside, or add a hi-fi audio DAC.

For people who work at a tech website, it took a good chunk of the Giz staff an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to remove the thing. But other folks in the office didn’t seem to have any problems at all, and if you’ve got stubby fingers nimbly pressing the ejection button is surprisingly annoying. Check out our video to see how easy (or not) the G5's expansion slot is to actually use.