We Might Have Reached Peak Retro Figure Nonsense

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Old school action figures are in the middle of a renaissance. You've got Funko's Reaction line emulating the old style for new properties, or Jumbo-sized recreations of classic superhero figures. The next logical step? Apparently, it's unarticulated, plus sized statues of said retro figures.


Kotobukiya have long put out lovely statues of comic heroes, but a new line of ARTFX+ statues is focusing on recreating the DC Super Powers figure line, kicking off with Superman, Flash and Green Lantern. They're bumped up to 1/10 scale — or around 8 inches tall, instead of the original 3.75" — and look basically just like the classic toys, right down to the articulation... but they're not actually articulated.

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You're literally getting a statue covered in joint lines you cannot actually use. Which is kind of the point of an action figure, right? And not the point of a statue, which you probably wouldn't want to be coved with joint lines for no real reason.

Surely if you're buying into the retro figure revival, part of the appeal of these "old-but-new-again" toys is that, ya know, they're still toys? I genuinely don't know who this is for.

But if you happen to be one of those people who this is for, Flash and Green Lantern are available in September and October.


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I remember the original line. DC Super Powers or something like that, from the early 80s. They each had some kind of "special move".

I've still got Green Lantern in a box somewhere in my garage. His special move was to raise up his ring-arm when you squeezed his legs together. That was pretty high-speed back in the day.

The most likely special move on these new figures: They empty your wallet.