We Rule App Lets You Run Kingdoms From Your iPhone

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Instead of growing up a princess and ruling kingdoms with an iron fist, I'm here building castles and controlling villagers with the We Rule iPhone app. Ah well. It's close enough to the old dream and cheaper than a tiara.


Basically, We Rule appears to be a medieval version of FarmVille. It was developed by Newtoy, makers of Age of Empires and Halo Wars, and is available through the App Store right now. The game itself is free, but some kind of additional "mojo" is available at a price. [ngmoco]



Do I get to raid other kingdoms and capture their peasants before working them to death and locking the rest out of the castle walls when the plague arrives due to my lack of interest in peasant sanitation?

If not I'm not interested.

Unless there are moats with alligators. I'd accept that as a compromise position I guess.