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We Saw a Glimpse of Thor: Ragnarok, But Learning What Thor Did During Civil War Was Even Better

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When comedic director Taika Waititi was hired to make the third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok, most people didn’t know what to expect. About 7,000 of those people now know what to expect as Marvel played a video Waititi directed at Comic-Con, showing Thor and Hulk’s whereabouts during Captain America: Civil War.

The piece was shot like a documentary, similar in style to Waititi’s breakout film What We Do In The Shadows. It began with a logo for a New Zealand documentary company and then a very grainy, VHS-looking logo for Captain America: Civil War with the words “Team Thor” crudely put over it.


It starts with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, sitting in a very modest, beige apartment. He’s being interviewed for this documentary. Thor explains that after the last adventure, he decided to take a break. “I needed some me time,” he said, so he went to Australia and moved in with Darryl. a random dude, almost like Thor found him on Craig’s List.

As Thor talks, he waves around his hammer without a care in the world. Darryl looks horrified. Thor explains that he and Darryl are helping each other with things, and we get a glimpse of Darryl trying to sweep the floor, except Mjolnir is just in the middle of the room for no reason.


We see Thor stalking Darryl at work, in full costume. He walks around the office, dictating an “electronic mail” that Darryl is going to send to “Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man” for him. In it, Thor basically asks how Tony’s doing and that he heard something with going on with “Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America.” (Every time Thor mentions those characters, he phrases it like that: real name a.k.a. superhero name. It’s great.)

Next Thor explains how he’s been helping out in the community. He’s shown in a kid’s classroom having drawn a crude drawing of the Avengers on the wall in crayon. “Who is this?” Thor asks the kids. “Vision!” they all scream. “Wow, I’m surprised you knew that.”

Cut to Thor’s room, where he’s got a Beautiful Mind-style wall that says “What are Infinity Stones?” on it. He takes the audience through some culprits, like his brother Loki, and someone he calls Purple Guy (it’s Thanos). Thor knows three things about this character: He’s purple, he has a glove, and he doesn’t like standing up.

Finally, Thor is sitting down for coffee with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. Thor explains to Banner that he’s a little hurt that “Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man,” hasn’t called him to help with his feud with “Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America.” Banner explains he hasn’t gotten the call either when, just then, his phone rings. It’s Tony Stark.


Banner answers the call, and Thor keeps asking for the phone. When Banner asks Tony why he hasn’t called Thor, he (apparently) says it’s because he doesn’t know how to get in touch with him. “I don’t have a phone,” Thor says. “Send a raven.”

I’m not sure if Marvel will ever put this clip online, but it was absolutely hilarious. Way funnier than reading it on a page, unfortunately. But I assure you, if an iota of this humor is in Thor: Ragnarok, it’s going to be amazing.


From there, they played actual behind the scenes footage from Thor: Raganrok: Besides the costumes and props, we saw concept art of Jeff Goldblum sitting next to Loki ; Chris Hemsworth with short hair and warpaint, looking very Braveheart; and finally, Thor and Hulk (in his armor) running at each other in a stadium. Yup, just like Planet Hulk.

The footage then ends on a shot of Hulk jumping at a massive beast that could be Surtur, the fire giant in Norse mythology (and Marvel Comics) destined to bring about Ragnarok. It all leads to this new, trippy, ‘80s video game-style logo for the film.


Thor: Ragnarok opens November 3, 2017.