We-Vibe Heralds New NASA's Technology-Based Mystery Sex Toy

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We-Vibe is a 60-gram sex toy designed to "fit between two people" while making love. Apparently it's being a hit, and now its creators want to use an unknown NASA technology for their next hit:

I discovered some technology developed by NASA that has never been applied to the sex toy industry. So we've got a new technological platform we're going to be rolling out over the next two years.


What this technology may be, we don't know. The only thing we know is that Bruce and Melody Murison, the creators of We-Vibe, were laid off from telecommunications company Nortel because of the current economic crisis. That event made them go into developing and manufacturing this silicon-based We-Vibe, "an electromechanical device (...) which plots the x-y charts of power versus performance, versus the third dimension of the human dynamic: What frequencies do women like?" Sounds... exciting? Scary? Whatever. We want one. [CBC]

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LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

Oh my. Now they go deeper.

See here, also SFW (no nudity)

They what you to have this thing in woman *while* having sex! Doesn't seem fun. I'd worry about errrr....well I'd worry. They also say it can be put around the base of the penis. How does it link? Do you tie it in the bow? Does it have magnets?