Nazis, Robots, and Rage: The Westworld III Trailer Is Here

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Screenshot: HBO

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever to see what’s next for Westworld and though a brief, tantalizing tease was given a few months back, there’s now much, much more.

Presenting the trailer below creator Jonathan Nolan noted the theme of the season was “The New World.”

As part of the star-studded Westworld panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, a new trailer was dropped and, its seems to have traded the western for the war drama.


While Maeve (Thandie Newton) fights her way through what appears to be a Nazi-infested simulation of Europe, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is murdering her way through the real world, and Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) is busy dealing with both the hosts we’ve already seen and the big clunky robots that populate the world beyond Westworld.


The trailer isn’t all about the women though—it just seems the men might be having a tough time. Newcomer Aaron Paul seems to try to be saving someone from falling out of a building and is distressed by the turn of events, and both Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard and Ed Harris’s William survived last season only to be miserable looking this season (with one trapped in the real world and one trapped in a prison). Even Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs is having it rough—appearing in a vicious looking fight in what looks like a room full of vats or stills.

Westworld returns next year.

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