Wear a Zeppelin on Your Head

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The folks at BoingBoing have spotted the best new fashion of the season: a top hat with a Zeppelin! The main body of the hat is painted to look like sky, and a plush Zeppelin attached to the hat appears to be sailing around it. If only it weren't too late for Hanukkah, I'd be asking for this! [BoingBoing]



For those into Gaslight Romance/Steampunk real world artifice, Mary Robinette Kowal has a great home done laptop sticker mod kit. It's one of a huge amount of nifty kits and costumes surrounding the movement. I'm not into it much myself, but it's certainly a pretty trend.

The hat is great though. And further proof that we've yet to reach the peak of the retro airship craze, despite Jay Lake and S.M. Stirling doing some really great work with bringing the airship back into popular imagery, and that horrible Golden Compass movie.

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