Wear This T-Shirt To Know What It Feels Like To Get Shot

Using augmented reality, the WWF has designed a special shirt that mimics getting shot at. Hint: It doesn't feel good.


How does the shirt work? Simple, the t-shirt triggers a shooting animation (complete with blood) when worn in front of a special mirror. The shirt is supposed to let us silly humans know the pain, and all around unpleasantness, animals feel when they're hunted down and shot for sport.

And though it's a um, creative idea, I doubt more than a few will get the real message. It'd probably be more effective if the "special mirror", which just looks like a glorified webcam, just shot anyone who looked into it. That way the randomness of the shootings is passed on (along with the total surprise of it too).


And if you didn't know, the WWF behind the shirt is the World Wildlife Fund not the former World Wrestling Federation (now known as the WWE). Though I guess the shirt sorta works for both organizations. [BuzzFeed]

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