Wearable Pillow Makes You Look Like a Silly Nun

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If you're the type of person that goes about your day wishing you had a pillow with you at all times, this crazy Pillowig design is for you. It's a pillow combined with a wig, and it's designed by Joo Youn Paek, the craziest Korean woman since Kim Jung Il.


She said when she performed user tests in public spaces (subways, airplanes, libraries, laundromats), others said they would like to have one of these for their trips as well. We're unsure whether they actually wanted these things or just humoring her so she wouldn't go batshit insane and cause a scene. [Project Page via Neatorama]



What's dumb about it to me (other than the very concept of wearing a pillow) is that the hat keeps you from moving your head on the pillow, so all that sticking-out part on the sides will go unused. You might as well have a little round pillow on the back of your head.