Want to get out of your Verizon contract? Still have like 18 months left on it because you have an inability to commit to things even though you've signed a legal contract committing to paying for two years of service? Looking for a sleazy yet legal loophole to ditch the contract only to sign another contract with someone else that you'll be trying to get out of in three months? Good news, asshole. Here's a way to do just that.

Consumerist (have we mentioned lately how much we love Consumerist?) is reporting that Verizon is hiking up their monthly fees by a measly 30 cents in March. That constitutes a material change of your contract, allowing you to break it with no penalty. Yeah, 30 cents. Have fun keeping a straight face while you argue with the Verizon CSR about how much that hurts you.


Cancel Verizon Without Penalty Over Admin Fee Increase [Consumerist]

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