WEB Radiator: For the Lair

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FACT: One of Gizmodo's esteemed weekend writers will soon develop superpowers to defend the good citizens of the world from the evils of radioactive fly-mutant aliens. But he will not defend the earth alone. No, he will require the assistance of other slightly-lesser-super-powered sidekicks...or at least some normal guys who know how to take a bullet and don't mind wiping a grown man's buttocks (only if he can't reach back there because his suit is a bit on the restrictive but my mom's working on it).


Said sidekicks will also be required to obtain the WEB radiator. It will...you know...be your thing or whatever. From Manworks Design.

WEB radiator [via neatorama]


Looks neat, but it better be compatible with regular radiator plumbing. I'd probably end up using it to dry clothes, you could hang them over the "strands" =)