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WebOS 1.1 Update With More Apps Hitting Palm Pre Soon?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So says Pre Central, who received an apparent internal memo from a tipster indicating webOS 1.1 should hit the Pre in the next 30 days. The update is expected include with improved Exchange handling, beefed up security, and more apps.


The Exchange improvements seem to indicate that the phone would be able to do remote wipes from IT, required pin codes, remote wipes after a certain number of failed pin entries, and auto lock. This would seem to be setting the Pre up for more widespread enterprise adoption.

As for the mention of more apps, no one is sure whether that means more bundled apps on the phone, or more app store offerings. But maybe that means a dedicated Facebook app is finally on the way? And for the love of God, NO MORE NASCAR APPS. [Pre Central via Boy Genius Report]