Wednesday's comics include new Batwoman, Alpha Flight, and Walking Dead

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What's up with comics this week? There's a new Kathy Kane ongoing series, some of Steve Ditko's awesome Doctor Strange tales, and the final graphic novel of Ex Machina. Plenty o' reasons to be thankful.

First up, Mark Waid and Stan Lee team up for The Traveler (BOOM!), a new series about a time-traveling hero. Dynamite reboots the scantily clad Vampirella in a new ongoing, and Zack Whedon pens the conclusion of Terminator 1984. The Bat-titles experience some creative changes as well, what with Paul Cornell helming Batman and Robin, J.H. Williams III overseeing both art and writing duties on the new Batwoman ongoing, and Scott Snyder taking over writing duties on Detective Comics (you can read our interview with him here). Matt Wagner finishes his run on Vertigo's Madam Xanadu, and Joe Hill continues his own supernatural strangeness with a new issue of Locke & Key (IDW)


If you prefer your superheroes without a pulse, a new issue of True Blood (IDW) and Chaos War: Alpha Flight (Marvel) are your fix. In the latter, Canada's premiere superteam rises from the dead to fight the Chaos King (they have a really bad track record with mortality). If you prefer nobody to have a pulse the new issue of The Walking Dead and the latest graphic novel — Volume 13: Too Far — are out. And if Asgardians are your bag, Tom DeFalco pens a new Thunderstrike and Robert Rodi writes The Astonishing Thor.


Wednesday also has two new graphic novels about everyday folks playing superheroes with the release of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Boy Commandos and the final volume of Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris Ex Machina is on the stands (ridiculously recommended — Harris pulls out total psychedelic insanity in this final act). The Luna Brothers collect their entire run on The Sword (Image) in a deluxe hardcover. Other notable graphic novels include the third volume of John Layman and Rob Guillory's Chew and the tripped out awesomeness of Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange in Marvel Masterworks: Dr. Strange. Speaking of a Marvel milestone, Brian Michael Bendis delivers his 150th issue of Ultimate (Comics) Spider-Man with a triple-sized anniversary issue.


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!