Weighing Seat: A Chair That Weighs Fatties, Farts

Illustration for article titled Weighing Seat: A Chair That Weighs Fatties, Farts

As if you didn't already feel fat enough, how does sitting on a chair that doubles as a scale sound? Indeed, the Weighing Seat concept from the design team at Atypyk reminds you of how fat you are getting every time you sit down to eat. It could very well be the most effective diet you have ever been on. Either that, or it will force you to start eating your meals standing up. But look on the bright side, you can finally start weighing your farts. Ever been curious about that? What, just Jason and I? Come on guys, admit it. [Atypyk via Likecool]


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If youre sitting on it, you cant read it. If someone is THAT fat they wont be able to see between their chubby little thighs. Useless except to torment someone.