Illustration for article titled Weird Combo of the Day: iPod Car Kit and a Diamond Watch?

Kelton from Albuquerque sends us today's Weird Combo of the Day he found at a local Macy's store: It's an iPod car kit that includes a free watch spangled with the cheapest rhinestones this side of the Rio Grande. How tacky!

This should be an especially grating entry into our pantheon of combo-weirdness, especially for those Gizmodo-reading sociopaths who begin to foam at the mouth at the mere sight of a wristwatch.


Anyway, what will those zany marketers think of next? You're invited to send us a pic of your fave weird combo of the day, or take a look at this hilarious rogue's gallery of strangeness, showing weird combos of days gone by.

Thanks, Kelton!

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