Welcome to Australia, Home of Toad Stacking

Cane toads are poisonous, and in Northeast Australia they’re absolutely everywhere. So what’s one to do with a surplus of toads?

Some people try to get rid of them, because cane toads are largely considered to be pests. However, Australian page Frogsafe advises residents not to, “use clubs or sticks to bash cane toads or grab toads by their legs and bash them against objects,” because in addition to that being a weird, sadistic way to pass the time, “most of the poison in a cane toad is concentrated in two raised areas just behind it’s eyes called paratoid glands. If you bash a toad and rupture either of those glands, the toxic fluid can splatter you.” Wonderful.


In spite of being an invasive species—and again, poisonous—Queensland-based mechanic swampgarage found something more fun and less horrifying than committing toad genocide. He shows how by rubbing their stomachs, one of Australia’s jerk species can be rendered immobile. Once docile the toads can be laid on top of one another in a ridiculous pile, though this neither solves the “we have too many frogs” problem, nor does it seem entirely safe.

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