How's that song go again? Deck the halls with boughs of BlackBerry. Fa la la la la la? That sounds about right... Well, expect hear that version a lot over the next few months, because BlackBerry has released a stunning array of phones for the holiday season. Which is why, over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring the whole pantheon of BlackBerry offerings in a little series we've dubbed the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame.

For those who like to take the hands-on approach, the BlackBerry Torch Touch and Type is the world's first smartphone with a full touch screen and BlackBerry keyboard. The all-in-one design also houses the incredibly powerful BlackBerry 7 OS and a 1.2 GHz processor, so you can run smooth new features including voice-activated universal search and Augmented Reality.


The BlackBerry Torch Touch and Type also has a 5MP camera so you can take your photography and sharing habits with you wherever you go. Or if you're more of a cinematographer, you can shoot videos in beautiful 720p HD. Then you can easily upload your photos and videos to any and all of your favorite social networks. And, to ensure you enjoy sharing your videos much as you did shooting them, the new BB7 OS browser supports HTML5 video and provides seamless loading, scrolling and zooming.

Until the next edition of the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame, head here for more info on the BlackBerry Torch Touch and Type.

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