Welcome To True Crime

It's about to get a lot more hard-boiled up in here — welcome to io9's brand new True Crime subsite!

Here, you'll find not just stories and updates on current cases making the news, but also features and interviews revolving around true crime books, films, television, and other media; the more scientific aspects of crime and crime-solving (like forensics and psychology); and spotlights on famous, infamous, and little-known cases throughout history.


Who am I, the captain of this vessel cruising through lurid, blood-stained, tragic, weird, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction waters? I'm a journalist who spent 15 years in the newspaper world covering mostly arts and entertainment, with a particular interest in documentaries and horror movies, and a bookshelf stuffed with guess which genre (hint: mostly well-thumbed paperbacks with sections of black-and-white mug shots and evidence photos at their centers).

I've been at io9 since December 2014, and I've snuck a few true-crime posts into the daily schedule. But starting today, the real crime-wave begins. You can get ahold of me directly at cheryl.eddy@io9.com with any thoughts and tips.

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