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Well, Here's Another Stunning Black Panther Poster

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thunderous applause filled the air in Hall H this evening after the audience was treated to an all-new Black Panther footage that ended a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, Marvel doesn’t plan on posting that trailer online anytime soon, although we’ll have a report on it shortly. But at least us poor non-attendees have this magnificent new poster to enjoy. Seriously, it’s that great.


Perched from the top of a panther monument likely made of Vibranium, you can see that the city radiates from central structure and is filled with all manner of distinctive skyscrapers. Also, there’s a bunch of ridiculously advanced flying ships whizzing about because, well, this is Wakanda we’re talking about.

Honestly, this should have been the poster they led with instead of that first one that we also loved so, so much.