We're Finally Getting Some Incredible-Looking Fallout Figures

The brilliant designs of the post-apocalyptic Fallout series have long been yearning to get turned into awesome toys. And while we’re getting some cutesy Funko Pops based on the series, a new line of figures from the folks over at Threezero is giving us a much more faithful—and pricier—batch of figures.

The company recently announced that they had bagged the rights to make Fallout toys in anticipation of the release of Fallout 4 later this year, but it was only over the weekend that we got to see our first fleeting glimpse of the line, thanks to the official Fallout twitter. The first figure is of course, the iconic powersuit armor worn by the franchise’s Brotherhood of Steel:


Here’s a slightly better look at one of the pictures released:

Even in prototype form, it’s a great looking toy—even if you didn’t know that it’s from Fallout, it’s just a cool looking robot or armored soldier. But for Fallout fans, this is the first real taste of some merchandise based on the legendary game series, and it’s looking pretty damn spectacular already.

There’s currently no details about when the Brotherhood of Steel member is out, but if it’s in prototype now, we can probably expect it sometime early next year Hopefully we’ll see a lot more from Threezero’s Fallout toys in the near future, as Fallout 4 ramps up to release.


[Via Toyark]

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