We're Still Kicking It at IFA, Request Line Open

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Jesus, Ad and I will be bringing you the best hungover coverage we can from the floor of IFA in Berlin today and through the weekend (and a bit after). So other than pictures of me eating large sausages, what else would you like to see during our IFA coverage? Is there some gadget you've been just dying to check out?


Hit the comments or shoot us an email directly. And experience IFA the best way—vicariously in your underwear.

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It'd like to see a photo of some schnitzel and spaetzle with gravy please, or maybe rouladen and goulash. Oooo! Weisswurst and dumplings! Oooo, wait, a cold plate with liverwurst & shencken, radish salad and a couple buttered brutien!... with a maas bier.