Illustration for article titled Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II Has eSATA, Better Mac Support

Western Digital's been churning out these My Book external hard drives in all sorts of configurations, but this 1 and 2TB Studio Edition IIs seem to be the most feature rich yet. It's got FireWire 400/800, eSATA, USB 2.0, RAID 0 or 1, and Mac support (you can also reformat it for PCs). Looking at Western Digital's Editions page, these come equipped with all the features except for remote sharing and networking, because there's no network port.

On the other hand, the $399 and $599 price tag for the 1 and 2TB versions seem way higher than the $200-300 you're normally paying for drives of that size—but those usually don't have all these connectivity options. To round out the features, there's an external capacity-indicating LED and Western Digital's GreenPower technology. It's also silver to match your MacBook Pros. Wee! [Western Digital]


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