We've Got a Bike Thief Here to Answer Your Questions

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Even the best bike lock can't protect you from a professional bike thief. We learned that ourselves, when even Mario's amateur ass made short work of the best locks on the market. But we wanted to know how much more of a threat a seasoned pro represents. What tools does he use? What does he do with the bike once he gets it? So we asked.


The other day, we sent out a tweet to the wide world asking for a professional bike thief to contact us. One did. We know nothing about this person, who goes by the handle Cesp. He could be prowling your town. He could be reformed. We didn't want to spoil the fun for you. So if you've got questions, ask away. Cesp will be here for the next hour.


Image by Flickr user Stv, used under Creative Commons License.

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Brent Rose

Are there any locks out there that are good enough that you say, "Fuckit, not worth the trouble"?