This is a big day for golfers, the day Callaway rolls out its square-headed FT-i driver using what the company calls "Fusion Technology." Just like the old PF Flyer sneakers of yesteryear whose makers claimed would make you run faster and jump higher, these clubs are supposed to improve your golfing performance. Callaway claims it's "the world's straightest driver," because its square design supposedly moves its weight away from the center of gravity. That's supposed to give you increased horizontal and vertical stability.

The square-headed club is adjustable, too, so you can distribute its weight to compensate for your weaknesses. There's no word on whether there is any adjustment for overall terrible golfing technique. Just for the record, we're not thinking Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world because of the clubs he uses, nor was Ansel Adams a master photographer because of his brand of camera. That's one badass-looking club, though.


Product Page [Callaway, via Bogey Lounge]