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We've seen Spider-Man's latest foe — the Lizard!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's official! Dr. Curt Connors — better known as the Lizard — is the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man. Actor Rhys Ifans plays the tragic herpetological Jekyll, and the CG beast has been unveiled.

Direct Marc Webb made the surprise announcement during the Comic-Con panel: Dr. Connors would be the Lizard to Peter Parker's Spider-Man. He then announced the first Lizard clip in 3D.


We're first introduced to the human Curt Connors at Oscorp. Gwen Stacey, who is working at Oscorp, has brought her science-minded classmates in to meet Connors. Referring to his missing right arm, Connors says, "Before you ask, yes. I'm a southpaw, not a cripple." He then announces he has a plan to cure his one-armed condition. Peter Parker wonders if it's through cross-species genetics; zebra fish can, after all, regenerate cells. Connors is impressed.

We quickly transition to Connors testing his regenerative serum on himself. Sure enough, his hand is reborn. "I'm stronger!" he cries with delight. "I am beautiful."


But then, of course, things go south.

The CG Lizard appears in a high school girls bathroom (and revealed to two unlucky high school girls). He's a giant beast, green with oversized arms, and a proportionally smaller head and enormous yellow eyes. He doesn't have a crocodile head — more of a cross between a lizard and a human's, with a flat nose, but a grotesque curled mouth. As the two girls are pinned to the wall in fear, a long pink tongue unfurls from his mouth, and we see a row of pointed teeth. The level of detail is impressive — the Lizard actually does look wet, and you can see each individual scale. And yes — he and his tongue were in 3D.

We'll have more on the Spider-Man panel — and footage — soon!