What a Timelapse Would Have Looked Like When Dinosaurs Were Alive

This video is pretty bizarre but hey who doesn't like dinosaurs, mammoths, dragons, giant bugs and timelapse videos? The timelapse video was shot at Borrego Springs, California, a small town that fiercely protects the darkness of the night sky by regulating outdoor lighting. It's apparently 1 of 4 communities in the world that are considered an official 'Dark Sky Community'.


Made by Sunchaser Pictures, the timelapse features giant steel sculptures made by sculptor Ricardo Abreceda. And because the night sky in Borrego Springs is so fantastically dark, you get to see some trippy stars and maybe pretend that this is what the world looked like to real life dinosaurs, mammoths, dragons and giant bugs. Sunchaser Pictures explains its process:

This was also our first shoot with the Canon 6D, and we were very happy with the pushed ISO results. Star Trails shot at 25 sec exposures. No special effects used, just the natural rotation of the earth's axis. Photography Merging using STARSTAX. Shot with Canon 6D and 5Dmkii, with a 24mm/1.4 lens and 28mm/1.8.

[Sunchaser Pictures via Pop Sci]



Funny how clichés repeat themselves: in the 80s it was paragliding videos with PinkFloyd (or Philip Glass), today it's timelapses with Ken Burns effect, and dreamy synth-pop. Net effect: nothing new under the sun.