What Are The Nerdiest States In America?

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Are you lacking in nerdy friends? It may be time to move.

Estately searched Facebook to discover who listed 12 nerdy subjects, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and the like, in their favorites section, identified them by state, and ranked them by their per capita interest. It's hardly the most scientific of polls, but it does give a view of where things like LARPing and D&D are ostensibly most popular.

As you can see, by this simple metric, Utah is the nerdiest state in the union, with Alaska a close second, while Wyoming seems to be strangely obsessed with Doctor Who. I'm delighted and a little surprised to find my native Kentucky in the top 10, although I admit there's not a lot to do here other than nerd out. Well, or take drugs, but Magic: The Gathering is still slightly more socially acceptable than meth.


[Via Comic Book Resources]