What Are You Leaving Behind in 2018?

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Tomorrow begins a New Year, full of resolutions, throbbing hangovers, and gym membership contracts. Missed opportunity if you ask me!


Most of the common things we associate with our collective slouching into another trip around the sun result in cheated fad diets and multiple (very, very long) calls with Retro Fitness customer service. But a better option has been presenting itself all along: giving one last middle finger to everything we’re choosing to leave dead and buried in the year gone past.

Can you tell I’m trying to get this new holiday tradition off the ground? I’ll start. On the big stuff: cigarettes, binge drinking, and Facebook. At some point in the year, I excised these things from my life and have felt absolutely no regret about doing so. Still, I’d like to take a moment before popping a bottle of Martinelli’s or whatever to say “go to hell” to all of them.

As for small stuff, it’s mostly books, movies, and games that were recommended to me by people I care about, but which just didn’t click, and became their own weird totem of guilt and personal failing. Roadside Picnic and Night in the Woods are, unfortunately, staying behind in the hell year. I have nothing against these things, but it’s better to be honest with myself and spend free time on things that bring some sort of challenge or joy. (Uzumaki and Hollow Knight are already filling those gaps nicely.)

So here’s where you come in: Tell us below what habit, aspect of your life, or gnawing source of unhappiness didn’t make the team for 2019. Maybe you canceled your Prime membership, deleted Twitter, or gave up on being an inbox zero person. Maybe you started eating better and junk food is getting a well-deserved “eat shit” from you before the ball drops. And maybe there are particular people whose emotional baggage you’re done hauling around. It was a long and difficult year for a lot of reasons, and there’s only so many parts of it we can voluntarily keep from haunting us through the rest of this insufferable decade.

Let it out. You’ll feel (a little) better.

And from all of us at Gizmodo, happy New Year.


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