What Are Your Essential Apps?

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Whether it's a favorite RSS reader, a preferred Twitter client, an app that helps track workouts, or just that devilishly addictive game, every smartphone user has apps they can't live without. So, what are yours?

With great new apps materializing every day, we here at Giz have been doing some thinking about our favorite apps—those that are fresh on our phones as well as those that have stood the test of time.

But we want to know what apps you consider essential—whether you're luxuriating in the iOS ocean, doing laps in the BlackBerry pool, or described by any awkward swimming-as-app-usage metaphor in between. They can be obvious or obscure, serious or silly. Productivity, games, social networking, or anything else. List 'em off by the dozens or just wax poetic on how What's App saved your long distance relationship. Whatever! Dive in in the comments.