What Childhood Toys Have You Held On To?

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Did you save any of your toys from childhood? Tell us which ones -—and what it was that made you hold on to them.


Whether it's just an old favorite or if it's part of a larger collection, tell us about the toys you kept and whether you still have them today. Or just lament your favorite lost, late toys in the comments now. Pictures too, please!



Man, you got me there. I have several display cases in my man-cave holding, among other things, toys from my youth. In the '50s we all had cap guns; that's a Mattel Shoot'n Shell revolver behind the TOS phaser. As a kid I was mad for Walkie Talkies; the thing in the back is a '50s toy, the rest are real from the '60s and early '70s (except the TOS communicator, of course). I don't know if it counts as "childhood" since I was a teenager, but I have some Man From Uncle stuff including an original Uncle gun, an original ID card and badge, and a replica cigarette case communicator. "Open Channel D!"