What Do You Want Giz to Explain?

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Hey guys, we've got a couple of Giz Explains we think you'll dig(g) planned out for the next couple of weeks, but it's been a while since we've asked, so we thought we'd throw the floor to you again: What would you like explained on Giz Explains? More than that, what would you like out of Giz Explains? More illustrated guides, deeper probings, simpler dirty talk? Let us know, since the series is for you guys. [Giz Explains]


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@Con Seannery: "PC" is in the same boat with words like "primate" and "animal" when distinguishing homosapiens from other life forms. Perceptions of superiority and all that nonsense aside, human beings are both animals and primates, but we use the cultural (pejorative) definition to make the distinction, even though technically it's still wrong.