What Every Minute of the Day Looks Like In Color

If you've got an extra tab to spare in your browser and a love of graphics or web design, check out this fun online clock that converts the current time into its corresponding six-character color hex code. The site's background also happens to reflect the current color value, and over the day it will slowly shift across 16,777,216 shades.


So if you're having trouble deciding on a color theme for a site, sit back, stare into your browser, and inspiration should hit you at some point. [WhatColourIsIt via swissmiss]



http://thecolourclock.co.uk/ has been doing this for years and it's beautiful. It doesn't show both the time and the hex value at the same time (click the big bars under the output to toggle) though. In the past I have left this site up in full screen when I'm not using my tablet (it's flash, so you'll need to use a flash capable browser on non-windows tablets, like Dolphin on Android).