What Gadgets Are You Carrying Right Now?

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How many gadgets do you have on you right now? Empty your pockets, open your bags and, God forbid, take off those holsters and show us pictures of what you're packin' in the comments.

UPDATE: Remember—text is fine but we're looking for PICTURES here if you can take 'em.


[Solar Vest via Chinavision]

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Hm, nothing in my pockets... but within 6-8 feet of me:

16gb iPhone 3g, 2 desktop pcs, 19" lcd monitor, an air conditioner, 27" crt, 40" lcd, 16 port gigabit switch, linksys wrt54GL router, ps2, snes, n64, ps3, xbox360, wii (with external hdd!), dreamcast, onkyo receiver, 2 sets of 5.1 speakers (one for pc and one for receiver), a vantec hdd dock, a recreation of The Last Supper painting with breakfast cereal characters and pancakes.

I suppose that last one isn't so much a gadget as it is just awesome.