What Goes on Behind the Scenes of Monday Night Football

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If you're watching Monday Night Football tonight, you'll probably see a flawless production that balances highlights, game footage, stats, commentary and so much more. How do they do it! A huge team of people, cutting edge technology, some note cards and a whole mess of wires, apparently.

In the above video (more of a slideshow, really), Mike Tirico of ESPN narrates what goes on behind the scenes of ESPN's Monday Night Football production. It's sort of what you expect, giant trailers hauling equipment across the country and awesome cameras and production rooms and video editing stations but also sort of unexpected too, the cable cabinet is pure chaos, old school tech like stop watches and orange gloves are used to communicate and they record the broadcast directly to their iPads and iPhones so they can watch their performance as they travel.


If you're a big football fan with a pinch of nerd in you, seeing the behind the scenes production of one of TV's most watched programs is a tasty delight. [ESPN Front Row]